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Welcome to ARPublication


AR Publication Journals are peer-reviewed and open access International Journals. It publishes a high quality international journal in various areas of engineering, computer science and other science fields… read more


We promote scientific and educational activities and bring together Researchers, Scientists, Engineers Scholars and Students in all the areas of Engineering and Science technology, by providing a forum for the dissemination and organizing high quality international conferences, workshop and seminars…. read more

International Journal of Computer Science Applications & Information Technologies (IJCSAIT)
International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Networking (IJWAMN)
International Journal of Computer Networking and Communication(IJCNAC)
International Journal of Digital Signal and Image Processing (IJDSIP)
International Journal of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (IJAIML)
International Journal of Advanced Mechanical Engineering & Applications (IJAMEA)
International Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical and Electronics Engineering(IJAREEE)

About Us

AR Publication is a gate way of Research Organization. Aim of these publication are promote the young researchers from academia and industry to then share and discuss the Research idea of Engineering and Science Technology through series of activities such as Conferences, Workshops and Journals. It’s a good network of researchers, academicians and corporate with existing scientific and all engineering fields. AR Publication is a non-profit organization that promotes Science & Engineering Research around the world without any unfairness. It acts as a bridge between young and experienced professionals.

Authors are invited to submit original research results, case studies, conference extended paper, surveying works and industrial experiences that describe significant advances in Engineering and Science Technology.


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